Slab Leak Repair

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Slab Leaks

What is a slab leak? Most people do not know the answer to this. If you are dealing with leaking in your water pipes, this term may apply to your leak. It is used to describe a leak that is coming through the slab concrete foundation. That is where the term comes from, it is a leak that has penetrated the slab. There are only three ways this can happen. First, a leak that consistently wears on a spot in the concrete will weaken it and eventually create a total break. Although, this option takes a long time and you will likely notice other issues first. The second option is a leak so powerful that it essentially cuts through the slab. This requires an incredibly strong stream of water. The third option is for there to be an existing weak spot in the slab that fails when the water hits it. Regardless of how it occurs, a slab leak can cause serious problems. The fact of the matter is, any leak is causing damage as long as it exists. Anything around it is subject damage, this includes any wooden support beams. Next, any damage to your foundation needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. If left alone it will get worse over time. The good news is that slab leak repair in San Diego, CA is only a phone call away. Call Quick Repair Quick Rooter at (619) 440-4424now for more information!

Leak Detection and Repairs

As previously mentioned, slab leak repair is critical. You do not want to risk the integrity of your foundation nor do you want to leave a leak gushing. There are two steps to repair. First, you must get the actual leak fixed. It will not do any good to attempt to fix the slab if the leak continues. Also, it would be too much of a mess to even consider. Call us right away if you discover a slab leak. The first step is always to get the leak under control. Generally speaking, the leak itself can be quite damaging. Not only is it causing damage to the slab and any support beams that it may be near, but it is also causing damage to anything the water hits on the other side of the slab. This type of leak is often located in a basement which means anything you have stored near the area of the leak is at high risk. Some things never fully recover from water damage and the longer the leak is left alone, the more items are at risk. Call today so you can stop worrying about that pesky slab and leak!

lowering the concrete slab and creating duct protection of the water pipes from being damaged during repair work. reportage

What To Do First?

Many people are unsure what steps they need to take and in what order when it comes to slab leak repair. As with any leak, your first step needs to be shutting off the water supply. There should be a shut-off valve near where your water line enters your house. It should be fairly easy to locate and access. Sometimes, there are shutoffs for certain areas of the pipe. If there is one to the section that is leaking, you can use that instead so that you do not have to be entirely without water while you wait on a plumber. If not, it is still better to have it all off and stop the progression of damage. If you cannot locate the valve, let your plumber know when you call which happens to be the next step. Once you have shut off the water supply, the next step is to call in a professional. Keep in mind that the sooner you call, the sooner the plumber will be able to get to you. If you delay calling, that also results in a delay in response. Not because the plumber will do anything differently, but because of delay ripples throughout the entire process. If you have discovered a slab leak and need slab leak repair in San Diego, CA, call Quick Repair Quick Rooter right away at (619) 440-4424!